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How can I lock/unlock all the printers in SAP at a time?

05 Mar 2008 6:51 am || 0

To lock/unlock a group (or all) the printers, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Call tcode SPAD
2. Click Utilities, For output devices, Export devices
3. Goto Import and Export of Device Descriptions and export the file to a local folder.

Check (Tick mark) the following:

Frontend computer: Select
Export: Select
Export: Select
Output device: Give * for all the printers. If you want only the printers that start with S, you should give s*

4. Click the Execute button
5. Open the saved text file and replace all the PADISABLED values with = “X” (It should be displayed as - PADISABLED = "X")

6. Follow the same process and Import the file.
7. Save.

This will lock all the printers. To unlock, follow the same process and change the PADISABLED value to "".