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Create Authorization Group and Assign Table

How to Create Authorization Group

Go to SE54 give the table name and choose authorization group and then click on create/change. You can create an authorization group.

Assign Table to Authorization Group


You can assign a table to authorization group Z001. (Use transaction SM30 for table TDDAT) A user that wants to access this table must have authorization object S_TABU_DIS in his or her profile with the value Z001 in the field DICBERCLS (authorization group for ABAP Dictionary objects).


  • 30 Jul 2010 5:26 pm
    Don't we need to carry out any other steps? For example, do we need to assign authorization objects to an authorization group? Where are the values maintained against this authorization group?
  • 07 Dec 2010 3:52 pm
    what about for multiple tables???