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How to move the favorites menu from one User to Another?

05 Mar 2008 8:13 am || 2

If you want to move the favorites menu from one user to another user, easiest way would be using function modules. 

They make your work easy. The steps to be followed are

1) goto transaction code SE37,

2)Enter the function module name MENU_FAVORITES_DOWNLOAD ,test run the module,

3) The enter the source user name in the field that appears & execute. You will be prompted for a local path or directory to save the file. Just give the file name as some user_source.mnu and save the file

4) Now enter run a function module MENU_FAVORITES_UPLOAD test run the modules

5) Enter the name username in which you want upload the menu favorites. It will prompt you for the file.

6) This operation require user login details


  • 24 Jul 2008 3:12 pm
    The MENU_FAVORITES_UPLOAD to the target user id may have a bug because the Favorites were added to the user who executed the MENU_FAVORITES_UPLOAD func. module (that was my user id not the target user id).
  • 06 Aug 2008 4:37 pm
    I had the same problemĀ“, now I can DOWNLOAD the favorites from a user, but not able to do the UPLOAD (the favorites are uploaded to my favorites instead of destination user).