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If control file is deleted what to do.

Option 1.

Restore the Control file from the latest backup using BRRESTORE command
Then u will have to run command at SQL
RECOVER using backup controlfile
It will ask redo log files, then u will have to apply all redo log files.
Apply all redo log files and open database using reset logs

Option 2.

During backup it creates a trace file in the oracle/sid/saptrace folder
Because while doing backup it runs command
Backup control file to trace
From that trace file u can get the script to crate control file and then after creating the control file u can proceed with recovery steps as above.


  • 27 Jun 2008 5:18 am SRINIVASAREDDY
    Restore the control file from the latest offline backup
  • 07 Aug 2008 11:41 am Guest
    Hello Guru,

    One question is it possible to delete the controlfile online.
    I'm fasing problems with our controlfile it's not been backdup for some time.
    That's the reason I want to remove it and than create a new one so that it will be backedup again.
  • 18 Aug 2008 10:35 am Guest
    Assuming you have an Oracle DB and UNIX OS:

    Normally you have more than one controlfile.

    How to find out the location of the controlfiles? Logon to operating system as ora, and enter "alter database backup controlfile to text as 'cf'" (without ") in sqlplus.
    Backuped controlfiles are normally stored in /oracle ....../saptrace/usertrace folder.
    Search for "control" in these textfile.

    ALWAYS create a controlfile in text format as first AND last step of a backup or before working on controlfiles !!!!

    Controlfiles are read during startup of database. If you delete controlfiles, your database will not start.

    When doing a backup you should always backup your controlfile into a textformat and backup this file to the tape, where your datafiles are backuped to. If you backup software doesn't always backup this file, you need to take a different backup software.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Norbert Brendel