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Igswd does not start due to an incorrect start profile entry

15 Sep 2011 10:27 am || 0

You cannot start the integrated IGS (on Windows platforms) in the management console due to an invalid (overlong) start profile entry.

The start profile entry for the IGS was entered in one line and is therefore longer than 99 characters.

Use variables to change the start profile entry for the IGS and shorten the individual lines (so that they have less than 80 characters if possible) and restart the system. The changes only take effect if you choose "All Tasks" --> "Restart Service" in the context menu of the instance in the MMC.
_IGS = igswd.exe
IGSD = -dir=$(DIR_INSTANCE)igs
IGSP = -mode=all -sysname=$(SAPSYSTEMNAME) -sysno=$(SAPSYSTEM)
Start_Program_06 = local $(DIR_INSTANCE)igsbin$(_IGS) $(IGSD) $(IGSP)