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Installation and Software/Hardware Requirements for SAP

|| 19 Jan 2010 11:44 pm || 6


I want to learn ABAP and want to install it on my personal PC. I want to know what should be correct configuration for my PC practise ABAP on my home PC.

Is it possible to practise ABAP at home as SAP is a big software and won't be possible to install at home.

What should I do and how can I practise it.

I am a  bigginer and have no clue about SAP and ABAP. I want to learn it from the scrach. Please Help.




  • 20 Jan 2010 9:44 pm
    The following are the hardware configuration required for installing SAP SERVER.
    Configuration for SAP SERVER

    for ECC 6 (You can practice FICO,ABAP,SD,MM,HR,PP,QM,BASIS,.etc.all R3 you can practice in ECC 6)

    Hard disk: Minimum250 GB
    Ram : Minimum 3 GB
    Processor: Minimum Core 2 duo.

    More details for this ; shoot a mail to
  • 03 Mar 2011 10:08 am
    You can go for Sap Installation on your PC.It's just cost rs1500-rs2000.
  • 03 Apr 2011 11:27 am
    For SAP R/3 IDES installation contact at provide
    installation HDDs and IDES DVDs as well.

  • 04 Apr 2011 3:58 pm
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    ---> SAP BIW 3.5 with SEM 3.1

    ---> SAP PI 7.1 (XI 7.1) / PI 7.0 (XI 7.0)

    ---> SAP EP 7.0

    ---> SAP MDM 7.1 / 5.5

    ---> SAP Solution Manager 7.0 / 4.0

    ---> SAP Netweaver 2004s / Netweaver7.0

    ---> SAP IS Utilities 6.0

    ---> SAP IS Retail 6.0

    ---> SAP IS Oil 6.0

    ---> SAP IS Discrete Industries & Mill Products 5.0

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    ---> SAP IS Campus Management 6.0

    ---> SAP IS CWM (Catch Weight Management) 6.03

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    ---> SAP WEB AS (Web Application Server) 6.20

    ---> SAP Net Weaver Composition Environment (CE) 7.1

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    ---> SAP Supply Network Collaboration 2007 (SNC)

    ---> SAP TDM (Test Data Migration Server) 3.0

    ---> SAP Business Objects

    ---> SAP Business One

    ---> SAP GRC Tools 5.3

    ---> SAP BPC 7.0 NW

    ---> SAP AFS 6.0

    ---> Oracle Applications 12i / 11i

    ---> ECC 6 <-> BI 7.0 with Integration

    ---> ECC 6 <-> PI 7.0 with Integration

    ---> ECC 6 <-> EP 7.0 with Integration

    ---> ECC 6 <-> SCM 5.0 with Integration

    ---> ECC 6 <-> CRM 6.0 with Integration

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    All Software’s listed on this site are only IDES versions. These softwares will only enable you to train as a SAP Professional and also practice as if you are in real time production environment. These are meant strictly for educational / informational use only; these are not suitable to run any commercial applications. Full commercial license can be purchased only from SAP AG, Germany.
  • 03 Nov 2012 11:09 am
    i have 224 gb hard ware .can i install ecc 6.0 im my pc
  • 15 Feb 2014 5:42 pm


    I want Demo Module of SAP FI/CO. pls guide me & i want to install on pc..

    Thanks & Regards