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Installing LT Replication Server Using DMIS

22 Apr 2013 6:18 pm || 0

As soon as you are going to install LT Replication Server you would have to look after the following contents:

  • First of all you have to check the corrections / enhancements in DMIS 2011 SP4 / DMIS 2010 SP9.
  • You have to check whether it is compatible with HANA version.
  • Now you have to upgrade from DMIS 2010 to DMIS 2011.
  • Install DMIS 2011 SP 4 or DMIS 2010 SP9.

Corrections / Enhancements in DMIS 2011 SP4 / DMIS 2010 SP9

Here you will find the correction /enhancements:

  • You will find the two health center:

Job Analyze: The following health check will help you in analyzing whether all the relevant jobs are working for the current configuration.

Table Health Check: The following check will analyze whether all the mandatory steps are executed. For this you have to create a trigger related to all the tables of the current configuration.

  • After the following steps you will find new roles for the user in the SLT system. You will need a Role SAP_IUUC_REPL_ADMIN, This role will be used to check whether the user is able to see the current configuration and their status, nut user would not be allowed to alter the stings or to make a new configuration
  • Now you have to check if there is already a DB connection that will define the schema. If such kind of connection is already existed the logon data will be copied and the users not need to enter the password any longer.

Now you have to check whether the LT replication server is already installed on a separate system  or source system or replications server , it is recommended that if you want to install you have to install the same support package level on both the systems. Some time there would be no possibility that you can install the new support package on all involved systems at the same time.

Hope this article might help you in installing LT Replication Server Using DMIS in SAP HANA