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List of Inactive Users Logs

To list out all the users who are inactive for the last 6 months, which means they have not logged into the SAP server.

If you have lots of affiliates to your main company, this will result in lots of users. Out of them, there might be lots of inactive users who have left the company.

You may wish to delete those inactive users.

If suppose u want to list of users which not logged into the SAP system for a long duration

Use SA38 to run RSUSR200.

This report is part of the AIS (Audit Information System) and will report users who have not logged on for a specified period of time.


  • 25 Mar 2008 6:57 am Guest
    This is a useful site.
  • 15 Nov 2009 7:57 am Guest
    thanks dude!
  • 24 Feb 2010 6:53 am Guest
    You can use SUIM as well
    SUIM -> Change Documents -> For Users