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Cannot insert NULL or update to NULL - Error 287 & Loading Process Fail

19 Feb 2016 4:07 pm || 0

Why? loading processes fail with error 287 - cannot insert NULL or update to NULL

In indexserver alert trace you see that table update failed with function TRexAPI::TableUpdate::checkColumnConsistency found in call stack.

Please follow the steps:

Upgarde to Rev71.
Current workaround:

Please set the following parameter in indexserver.ini:


max_chunk_size_for_update = 5000000

This increases the chunk threshold to 5000000. After setting the parameter the sql plan of the query had to be invalidated from sql plan cache. select plan_id from m_sql_plan_cache where to_varchar(statement_string) like 'UPDATE <name of table where update failed>%' ALTER SYSTEM RECOMPILE SQL PLAN CACHE ENTRY '<plan_id>'

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