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How can Logs and Traces of HANA be Purged?

02 Jul 2014 2:23 pm || 0

The parameters maxfiles (default: 10 files) and maxfilesize (default: 10 MB) in the [trace] section of global.ini or a specific service control the trace file rotation. SAP HANA writes the files on a rotation basis and switches to the next file whenever the current file reached the maxfilesize limit.

The parameter global.ini --> [trace] --> maxalertfilesize defines the maximum size of alert files (default: 50 MB). When the configured size is reached, the file is compressed (including a timestamp in its name) and a new file is written from scratch. 

Avoid increasing these settings unless there is a specific need. Otherwise more and / or larger files are kept for a longer time.

On operating system level you can manually delete files if required.

From SAP HANA side you can purge SAP HANA logs and traces using


SQL: "HANA_TraceFiles_Overview" (SAP doc 1969700) can be used to show files exceeding a defined retention time and generate the related cleanup commands.