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Maximum Number of Sessions Per User in SAP

Questions: What are the maximum number of sessions per User in SAP?

By default the maximum no. of windows which one can open in SAP for that system is 6. So, in essence a user can open 6 sessions in 4.7x.

Like, one set this values in rdisp/max_alt_modes parameter then he can change this parameter using RZ10 in instance profile and use extended maintenance for changing this.

Most of the companies prohibits these no. of sessions but not increase it since they can result unecessary load.


  • 03 Jun 2011 11:21 am rekha Helpful Answer
    Check first the parameter if it the option dynamically is tick. If yes, then it does not need a restart co\'z after restart it will turn it back to original configuration.
    There are some parameter that doesn\'t need a restart inorder the changes to take effect.

    My suggestion is kindly review the parameter configuration and determined this if it is dynamic or not.

    Dynamic means once you restart the system this will revert back its original value.
    If it is not dynamic then, this require a restart inorder the changes should take effect.
  • 03 Jun 2011 11:22 am rekha Helpful Answer
    Maximum 6 sessions allowed only under single log on
  • 03 Jun 2011 11:21 am rekha
    We need to restart the instance or we just need to relogin to SAP logon?
  • 03 Jun 2011 11:21 am rekha
    You can work in up to 16 windows (sessions) simultaneously per logon (as of SAP Web AS 6.20
  • 03 Jun 2011 11:22 am rekha
    Is there a way to change the SAP sessions limit per specific user?