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MIME Repository

Updated Sep 03, 2023

What is the MIME Repository?

The MIME Repository, short for Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions Repository, serves as a centralized storage facility within the SAP system. Its primary purpose is to house a wide range of MIME objects, including graphics, icons, style sheets, and more. These objects are essential for enhancing the user experience, whether through web-based applications, BSP (Business Server Pages) applications, or Web Dynpro applications.

The Hierarchy of the MIME Repository

The MIME Repository is structured hierarchically, organized into directories within a tree-like framework. When accessing the MIME Repository, users are presented with a browser interface that displays this hierarchy. On the left-hand side of the browser, you'll find the navigation area, which assists in effortlessly navigating and managing MIME objects.

Role in BSP Applications

BSP applications are a common SAP technology, and the MIME Repository seamlessly integrates with them. In fact, for each BSP application, the system automatically generates an identically named folder within the MIME Repository. This folder is exclusively dedicated to storing application-specific MIME objects. Importantly, this application directory cannot be deleted explicitly and remains an integral part of the MIME Repository as long as the BSP application exists. When a BSP application is removed, the corresponding folder is automatically deleted along with all its contained MIME objects.

BSP Application Integration

BSP applications enjoy a robust integration with the MIME Repository. Users can access and manage MIME objects or folders either through the MIME Repository's tree structure or via the object list within a BSP application. The functionalities are virtually identical, except for the preview feature. Double-clicking an MIME object in the MIME Repository Browser triggers the corresponding editor assigned to the MIME category, acting as a separate application within the Repository Browser for BSP applications.

MIME Objects in Web Dynpro Applications

While MIME objects are seamlessly integrated with BSP applications, the same cannot be said for Web Dynpro applications within the Repository Browser. To create or maintain MIME objects for Web Dynpro applications, users must switch to the MIME Repository display in the Object Navigator.

The MIME Repository Structure

MIME objects in BSP and Web Dynpro applications are associated with a specific namespace. For customer developments, the system accesses corresponding directories within the customer's designated namespace, ensuring proper organization and separation of resources.


Using MIME Objects in BSPs

In BSP applications, addressing MIME objects within the layout is straightforward. Users can specify relative path specifications, referring to paths relative to their BSP application. When a BSP application is created, the system automatically generates a corresponding folder in the MIME Repository bearing the same name. This allows for easy referencing of resources within the application.

For instance, if you wish to include an image named "mypicture.jpg," you can simply use the path <img src="mypicture.jpg">. The system automatically resolves this path within the current BSP application. To access MIMEs from other applications, users can use relative path specifications like "../another_application/yyy.gif", providing flexibility in resource management.