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How to Mass Assign User to SAP Role

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How to Mass Assign User to SAP Role

We have configured CUA for managing user admin across 10 clients with different SAP components. But now facing peculiar problem.
Is there any way through which we can add multiple users to specific role when CUA is configured??

Actually in CUA, there is one controller client where the userids are created and there is a virtual link to roles (which are created in different child clients). Now when I go to PFCG of Controller client & try to execute some role, system says the role is not present in controller client. So how can I add multiple users to the said role. However if I go to PFCG of particular child client, then the USER tab of PFCG screen is disabled.

In this sceneriao, I have to go to Su01 in controller client & select user one by one and add the specific role, though I actually want one role to be assigned to multiple users.

In transaction SCUM, we have defined ROLE ASSIGNMENT as GLOBAL. Is this something related to that setting? Please comment & suggest on this.

Hi ,

When using CUA the idea is to create and maintain all users including role assignment centrally. That is why the tab strip user assignment in the profile generator (transaction pfcg) is not available, because you should not do the role assignment locally in transaction pfcg any more, but centrally.

You can use SU01 to assign a role to a user per logical system. Make sure that you perform the text comparison in the role tab strip in SU01 first to read all new role names into the central system.

You can use SU10 to do mass changes to multiple users including role assignments per logical systems.

You can actually add multiple users to a role using transaction SU01. From SU01, use the menu Environment->Mass Changes.

Here you can manually add the users, select them by address or authorisation data. Once you have your user list, you can then add or remove roles and/or profiles.

That should do the job.


  • 24 Nov 2009 10:18 am
    I have tried this but only the first user receives the role on the target system. All subsequent users are not updated with the new role and I have to go in through SCUL to individually update each user. Somehow, the function to update each user is locked by the preceding request. I think the process is running in parallel and this is why it fails. Perhaps there is a way to have this process run in series and thus avoiding the error.

    Any help with this is appreciated.

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