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What Is The Use of MVC In Webdynpro?

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What Is The Use of MVC In Webdynpro?

Hello SAP Experts,

Suppose I write a logic in wd_do_int method of component controller, then what is the use of mvc in webdynpro does it violates the design pattern?

Appropriate suggestions will be highly recommended.

Thank You!


  • Rohit Mahajan
    07 Feb 2015 4:30 pm

    MVC violation depends on which code you write, so your question is not clear.Whether you are writing presentation logic or business logic?

  • Sonia Barwar
    07 Feb 2015 4:30 pm

    Hi, actually all your business logic should be outside your web dynpro component your assistance classes where MVC architecture comes into consideration.You can use that assistance class method in another component if required but you cannot use the same if you write the logic in controller methods as life time of method is only confined to web dynpro component.hope this helps you to understand better else revert with your quieres.

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