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Not able to create User through SU01

I have successfully installed sap 4.7 on windows 2003. why i am not able to create the user. When i login as sap* with password 06071992 it ask to put the new password. the when i try to create the user i get the message no company address is maintained for the system


  • 03 Jun 2008 6:21 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    this is your Fresh installed SAP 4.7 Non IDES Version and in NON IDES version u have to configure the company...

    so Please go to T-Code SPRO and create new company then u can create user
  • 04 Jun 2008 9:02 am Guest
    Yeah Shailesh is right. once you fill the company details you can create the users using SU01.
  • 21 Jun 2008 2:06 pm Guest
    hi shailesh, i installed ECC5.0 on win 2k3 and its working. i am unable to create new user with su01. i am logging on DDIC user. thanks inadvance