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How Often are OOM dumps written?

16 Jan 2015 4:09 pm || 0

In case of OOM situations SAP HANA may write a dump, e.g.:

  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.oom.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.after_oom_cleanup.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.compositelimit_oom.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.oom_memory_release.trc

Not every OOM termination results in an OOM dump because in case of a memory bottleneck many different transactions can run into an OOM error within a short time frame. Per default a SAP HANA service only creates an OOM dump if the last dump was written at least one day ago. This behaviour can sometimes be of disadvantage when two individual OOM situations should be analyzed that happened within less than 24 hours.

In special cases you can reduce the minimum time between two OOM dumps using the following SAP HANA parameter:

global.ini -> [memorymanager] -> oom_dump_time_delta = <min_seconds_between_oom_dumps>

If you set the parameter for example to 7200, the minimum interval between two OOM dumps will be two hours (7200 seconds).