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Order BOM's FAQs

17 Jul 2018 10:56 am || 0

1) What are the pre-conditions for instantiating a material in an order BOM?

A BOM header needs to exist in order to instantiate a material in the CU51 or otherwise, it will not be possible

2) What are the situations under which order BOM exploded?

Please perform one of the below steps in order to ensure that an order BOM is exploded:

  • Prior to saving sales order in t-codes VA01 or VA02 please ensure to navigate to "Engineering" from within the configuration.
  • Please save the Order/Item in t-code CU51.
  • User can also activate the switch GV_FORCE_BOM_EXPLOSION_ASL (Include LCUKOFBE) from SAP document 303446. This GV_FORCE_BOM_EXPLOSION_ASL switch forces an explosion of the order BOM from within the sales order, without going to the "Engineering" view.
  • You can also use the report RCU_CU51_DARK from SAP document 371188 and 384624.

3) What are the pre-conditions in order to use instantiation together with a plant change?

For instance, there are materials A and B, where material A in maintained in plant 1 and material B is maintained in plant 2. Furthermore, assume that B is a subitem of A in a material BOM. Also, suppose that for B there is a special procurement key maintained so that the plant is changed to 1. Now when creating an order BOM for A in the CU51 and trying to instantiate B, the error "Selected item cannot be instantiated" will occur. In order to be able to change the plant, the material needs to exist in both plants. Instantiation creates the associated material variant in one plant only - this causes the problem. In order to avoid this error, material B needs to exist in plant 1 as well.

4) Is it possible to determine the quantity of variable-size items in an order BOM automatically?

The material BOM's contain variable-size items (raw materials), and therefore the quantity is determined according to the formula mentioned below

  • Quantity = Number * Qty Var-Sz Item

Therefore if in case the Qty Var-Sz Item is equal to 0.5 M and the Number is changed to 4 ST with dependency knowledge, then the Quantity is updated automatically to 2 ST in the transaction CSK1.

When user creates an order BOM in the t-code CU51, containing such a material, then no update of the quantity is performed automatically. In this scenario, the multiplication formula from above needs to be modelled with a dependency. In order to perform it, please create a procedure with the following syntax:


and then attach it to the variable-size item in the material BOM. Here CH_STPOROMEN is a reference characteristic to STPO-ROMEN, CH_STPOMENGE is a reference characteristic to STPO-MENGE and CH_STPOROANZ is a reference characteristic to STPO-ROANZ. Behavior of both CSK1 and CU51 are the same for this procedure.