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Parameter Mismatch Alert in HANA Studio

10 Aug 2016 7:52 am || 0

How to adjust parameters mismatch for system replication?

We have system replication environment and we are getting following parameter mismatch alert.

For instance:

  • ReplicationError with state INFO with event ID 1033 occurred at <time> on <host>:<port>. 
  • Additional info: parameter mismatch (existence): global.ini/system/[table_placement]/same_num_partitions = 'true' exists only on site 1

Please check the following points:

The .ini file parameters should be the same on the primary and secondary system and are checked automatically. 

The configuration parameter checker reports on any differences between primary and secondary systems.

The .ini file configuration must be identical for both systems.

Any changes made manually or by SQL commands on one system must be manually duplicated on another system.

In the current version of the configuration parameter checker, the checks:

  • Are done every hour by default.
  • Generate alerts, visible both in SAP HANA Studio and the system view M_EVENTS.
  • Are optimized for the most recently changed parameters.

To solve this issue please follow the below points:

You must manually insert/edit the changed parameter in .ini files of the secondary database.

Please find .ini files under the paths below.

system level: /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/custom/config
host level: /usr/sap/<SID>//HDBxx/<host name>

Please take the parameter mentioned above (top of the article) as an example, modify "global.ini" file with the below entry:

same_num_partitions = true

Alternatively you can disable parameter mismatch alert as per KBA 2100052.