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Print parameter in the background for SD70A* programs

01 Feb 2012 2:06 pm || 0

For a print transaction which runs via SD70A* reports (for example, VL70, VL71, VF31), the print parameters for the background job when outputs are issued with transmission medium 1 are not taken into account.The print parameters are stored in the output control.

If you define a background job, you can assign print parameters.These print parameters are provided in the standard system to ensure that the list, which is issued by direct WRITEs in the report, is created according to the entered print parameters.During output processing via print transaction programs SD70A*, processing is carried out with SAPscript pages or print programs, which set the spool parameters by NEW-PAGE PRINT ON.

If the print transaction programs are called up in the background, the print parameters must already stand in the output control correctly.If you do not want to change the print parameters before the processing, then you have to run the print transaction online.

As of Release 4.6B, you can also override the NAST print parameters via a print profile in Transaction VL71. You can set the print profile via a report variant.