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Oracle RMAN Backups Use & Configuration

11 Jun 2010 8:43 am || 1

Hi all,

I am an Oracle DBA and had just recently return to supporting SAP customers after a 4 year absence of supporting non-SAP customers.

Anyway, I have some question about using Oracle RMAN with SAP databases. Backup softwares are Netbackup and Data Protector.

I managed to get the backup working, that is, there is no issues, Oracle RMAN backup using SAP's brarchive and brbackup works alright. My question is about using an Oracle RMAN catalog. I've read thru several SAP documentation and cannot find one where I can use a RMAN catalog.

Does that mean I cannot use a RMAN catalog? Had anyone managed to use a RMAN catalog to do the RMAN backup?

Another question I have is, do I need Netbackup and Data Protector if I want to run RMAN backup to disk via brarchive and brbackup? Does backint requires a SBT library to use RMAN?

Any advise or feedback on this will be very much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


Oracle RMAN Backups Use

The Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle backup program. You can use it as a command line interface (CLI) or as a graphical user interface (GUI) in the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). 

We support RMAN with the SAP backup tools BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE.

RMAN uses the System Backup to Tape (SBT) interface to back up to tape devices. We implement SBT using the SAP backup library. External backup tools can implement this interface as a dynamic link library (DLL).

Oracle RMAN Backups Integration

By integrating RMAN into BRBACKUP, you can add security and flexibility to important functions in existing backup strategies and tools:

The recovery catalog is not used. The backup information is stored in the control file. After the backup, the control file is also backed up. In a restore, the control file is restored first, followed by the data files.

The integration of RMAN into BRBACKUP also guarantees integration into the SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS).

BRBACKUP tape management functions as previously (that is, as when using the SAP backup library).

You can still use the BACKINT interface with external tools.

 All previous SAP backup strategies are supported while using RMAN. Nevertheless, RMAN is not supported for standby database backups and split-mirror backups.

The following components are delivered with the standard Oracle8 installation:

RMAN with the Oracle SBT interface

Backup library and backup tool Networker from Legato

Legato’s BACKINT interface implementation (as of Oracle 8.0.5)

The SAP installation also delivers the SAP backup library with BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE.


  • 13 Jun 2010 11:17 pm
    Add/Update tnsnames.ora
    Add Entry for Catalog Database

    CATPRD =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = )(PORT = 1655))
    (SID = CATPRD)

    Register Database in Catalog
    RMAN > register database