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I require a Windows terminal server connection for my system that will come in useful in support sessions. I already have a SAProuter connection to SAPserv X, and the Windows Terminal Server is available on my computer. How do I set it up?


  • 28 Apr 2016 3:31 pm

    To set up the WTS connection, you need to first set up the SAProuter. This can be done as follows:

    1.The route permission table has to be checked (saprouttab) – this is the table that the SAProuter works with. Open the table and add the following data:

    a.P 3389 i.e. do P 3389

    b.If you are using SAPserv2, use p:CN=sapserv2, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE" 3389

    c.Before you do a or b,  make sure that your router is updated because most services will only work with the latest SAProuter. 

    Once you have set up SAProuter, you need to set up the service. For this, simply log on to the Service Marketplace and do the following:

    1.Go to and click “maintain connections” then select the relevant system ID

    2.Select “mains services, then the WTS service (select the suitable icon in front of the name of the service). Then, select a contact person or implement a port that is different from the standard, unless you are using the standard application port, in which case, select “standard port”. 

    3.Use the “transfer” button to copy the selection at the end of the list, then return to the service section by pressing “back”. 

    Next, open the service connection and do the following:

    1.Click on “Maintain Connections” at the bottom of the page and open the relevant service connection. Then select the opening times (if you do nothing here, the default is eight hours). Select a contact person from a list of registered persons. 

    2.Log on to the front end of SAP R/3

    3.Go to “service” then “service connections” and fin the “installation” section.

    4.Click on the installation number to find a list of items. You can access the system ID by double clicking on the system of your choice. 

    5.From the list of active services, expand the entry that says “service section” and select the contact person.

    6.Activate the service by saving it and check that the service is appearing in the connections list. 

    To maintain system data, do the following:

    1.Click “system data “ then select “DB Server”, “ Appl Server”, or “Other Servers”. 

    2.Click on the “select/change” button, if a server is already selected, else first select the server.

    3.Enter the IP address of the SAProuter and save the entry.

    To open the service, 

    1.Double-click on the required service and enter the opening times (default eight hours) and the name of the contact person

    2.Save all entries 
    3.Ensure that there is an open WTS connection

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