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What to do to restore the previous setting of ABAP editor as the settings get lost during update to 7.20


I am facing a problem, all settings of a previous installation of SAP GUI 7.10 of the ABAP Edit Control are lost during update to SAP GUI 7.20. The configuration directory of the SAP GUI has been changed from version 7.10 to 7.20. So what should i do to restore the previous settings.


If there has been a previous installation of SAP GUI 7.10 the old settings can be restored by copying old settings files to new directory.

Old directory: C:Documents and Settings<user>SapWorkDirab4_data
New directory: %appdata%SAPSAP GUIABAP Editor

The following files can be copied:

  • settings.xml - general settings of ABAP Edit Control (fonts, colors etc.)
  • keymap.xml - key mappings
  • abap_user.xml - defined patterns for ABAP code completion
  • *_user.xml - defined pattern for other languages than ABAP