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RF: SAPLogon Screen does not fit device screen size

21 Oct 2010 9:58 am || 0

The data displayed on the SAP Logon Screen does not fit the screen size. The RF device screen is smaller than the designed GUI screen (20x80).Hence, messages, fields, and text are exceeding the screen size.

From release 4.6D the presentation CD contains the new 4.6D SAPConsole which includes a new feature: "Optional Log Screen".
1) Select the 'SAPConsole Administrator' on the 'Control Panel'.
2) Select the profile you intend to change and in the 'General Settings' mark the "Optional Log Screen" check box.

From now on, whenever a user logs on to the system using the new profile definitions, he will be directed to screen 0025 instead of the regular SAP Logon Screen 0020.
Screen 0025 is a modifiable screen for which you can change the layout.
Please, change only the layout!!!! Changing field positions is not reflected in the flow logic of the screen.
Latest patch available (while this note is released to customers)
of the SAPConsole (can be downloaded from SAPservX FTP server) is the 4.6D version patch 172. SAPConsole is fully back compatible, hence you can always download the latest patch.
The following lines are the update from the 18.2.2003.
Currently the latest front-end is 6.20.
1. Go to
2. Inside press "SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS"
3. Inside press "SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 6.20"
4. Inside press "Win32"
5. Download the latest patch "GUI620.EXE".
6. To know the patch content, press the link "info".