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SAP Audit Program

15 Feb 2012 6:23 am || 0 Download


SAP Audit Program

I.     General

1.    Obtain a company organizational chart.                          

2.   Obtain a copy of all security policies and procedures.                            

3.   Obtain a diagram of the SAP application architecture.                           

4.   Obtain a copy of “problem tracking” or “incident report” for the application being audited.    

5.   Obtain a copy of all system enhancements that are queued up for implementation.                   

6.   Obtain a copy of the application’s documentation.                                 

7.   Obtain a copy of the development methodology used to complete the system.(Business and Design Requirements Processes)                         

8.   Obtain a copy of any service level agreements established for the application.                          

9.   Obtain a copy of the contingency/backup plan for the application                                 

10. Obtain a copy of the Corporate Disaster Plan

11. Determine which release of SAP is installed

12. Identify the modules installed.

13. Determine the interfaces to the production system

14. Determine the number of client systems running.

15. Determine which geographical locations are running SAP

16. Determine what level of custom programming in on-going

·         ABAP/4 programs

·         Data entry screens

17. Evaluate the overall SAP security architecture

18. Determine the operating systems and database management systems running within the environment

19. Obtain a listing of all SAP clients

·         Table T000 has the SAP clients


·         SE16 or SE17

·         Table T001 has the companies


20.  Obtain a listing of all group companies


·         List table T042G


21.  Obtain a listing of all business areas


·         List table TGSB and TGSBT


22.  Obtain a listing of all credit control areas


·         List table T014 and T014T


23.  Obtain a list of all charts of accounts


·         List table T004 and T004T


24.  Obtain a listing of all plants


·         List tables T001W and TVKWZ


25.  Obtain a listing of storage locations


·         List table T001L


26.  Obtain a listing of all purchasing organizations


·         List table T024W


27.  Obtain a listing of all purchasing groups


·         List table T024


28.  Obtain a listing of all sales organizations


·         List table TVKO and TVKOT


29.  Obtain a listing of distribution channels


·         List table TVTW, TVTWT, and TVKOV


30.  Obtain a listing of all divisions


·         List tables TSPA, TSPAT, and TVKOS


31.  Obtain a listing of sales areas


·         List table TVTA


32.  Obtain a listing of sales offices


·         List tables TVBUR, TVKBT, and TVKBZ


33.  Obtain a listing of sales groups


·         List tables TVKGR, TVBVK, and TVGRT


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