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SAP BASIS Important Topics

20 Mar 2010 10:48 am || 2

  1. ERP Introduction
  2. SAP R/3 Introduction
  3. SAP Versions
  4. SAP Directory Structure
  5. Oracle Directory Structure
  6. User Administration
  7. SAP Profile
  8. Operation Modes
  9. Client Administration
  10. RFC
  11. Transports
  12. SAP Upgrade (SPAM/SAINT)
  13. Kernel Upgrade
  14. Backup/Restore
  16. System copy/Refresh


  • 24 Mar 2010 2:48 am
    hi tell me sap basis & important topics
  • 05 Apr 2010 9:11 am
    Hi Noor,

    An SAP Basis have a lot of indispensability in his charge. This is a resume about what he must provide as services.

    Responsibilities of SAP BASIS:-
    1) Product life cycle management:-
    Deployment of correction instructions as per SAP to fix reported Bugs.
    Approval and download of suitable SAP support packages.
    Deployment of SAP support packages as a process of SAP release strategy.
    SAP licensing Audit, maintenance of SAP Hardware keys and maintenance keys for SLD
    System copies (homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies).
    JSPM administration.(deployment of JAVA support packages) Etc…
    2) Application management:-
    User administration:
    General user administration. (User ID creation and maintenance)
    User role and profile creation as per SOD to carry out business processes.
    SAP user security and authorization management. Etc…
    SAP Application management:
    SAP change correction management / SAP Transport management system.
    SAP client management (PRD client copy, export, import, deletion)
    SAP SPOOL administration and maintenance.
    Daily monitoring, checking the alerts and fixing as per alert information.
    SAP Buffer, memory management, performance tuning and troubleshoot.
    SAP SNC router, SAP OSS connectivity and services.
    Administration of RFC connections to SAP OSS and SLD.
    SAP Kernel, ADD on installations along with SPAM and JSPM updates.
    SAP installations and configurations. (SAP NW 2004s Sr3 etc…)
    SLD administration. Etc…
    3) Data Base administration:-
    SAP Data base administration being performed by using SAP DBA utility (BRTOOLS)
    Table space maintenance, parameter & DB performance tuning.
    Backup strategy, restoration, disaster drill etc…
    Implementing SAP approved/tested patches for DB.
    Checking the DB alert logs and troubleshoot.
    DB Table index rebuilt and maintenance. Etc…

    Otherwise, An SAP basis have to make a daily check on each production Server. Below, the Daily check recommended :

    1] Check that all the application servers are up:
    sm51 SAP Servers (check server status must be “active”)  (go to SM50 to look at all work process and if it’s required to restart a disp+work process)
    sm04/al08 Logon Users (goto  memory to see who spent a lot of memory especially heap memory Mem(Priv) or a large amount of page memory)
    2] Check that daily backup are executed without errors
    db12 Backup logs: overview
    3] SAP standard background jobs are running successfully. Review for cancelled and critical jobs.
    sm37 Background jobs--- Check for successful completion of jobs. Enter * in user-id field and verify that all critical successful jobs and review any cancelled jobs.
    4] Operating system monitoring
    st06 (check out if idle Utilization user is under 50 %)
    5] Extents monitoring
    db02 Database monitoring--Check for max-extents reached
    Check rather the alert monitor through DB16.
    6] Check work-processes(started from sm51)
    sm50 Process overview-- All work processes with a running or waiting status.
    7] Check system log
    sm21 System log-- Set date and time to before the last log review. Check for errors ,warning, security, message-bends, database events.
    8] Review workload statistics
    st03 Workload analysis of ST03N in expert mode. In the analysis Views check out the top response time and the top database acces time.
    st02 tune summary instance : raise an alert for swap buffer over 100 000 ! in red !
    More important: SAP Mem. Area If max use is nearly the values “In mem” : be careful !
    9] Look for any failed updates
    sm13 update records and SM14 to see “update is active” in the status box.
    10] check for old locks
    sm12 lock entry list and rid of the oldest (more than 1 day) if no batch are pending !!!!
    11] Check for spool problems
    sp01 spool request screen-- check for spool that are in request for over an hour.
    12] Review and resolve dumps
    st22 ABAP Dump analysis count and analyze the repetitive dumps.
    13] Asynchronous RFC Errors logs
    SM58 check and reprocess the Idocs in error !

    Best regards,
    Mohamed ABDELMOULA
    SAP Basis Administrator