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SAP Enable Now

Updated Sep 13, 2022

SAP Enable Now is earlier known as SAP Workforce Performance Builder. SAP Enable Now is a flexible, cost-effective and fast learning tool. It is a new generation of collaborative knowledge management tools provided by SAP.

SAP Enable Now is an in-built learning tool for both SAP and Non SAP system. SAP Enable Now provides a one-stop solution for all your corporate enablement needs.

What is SAP Enable Now?

SAP Enable Now is a software application which enables users to develop, manage and deliver training materials. It can be instructor-led training, 24/7 online support and interactive e-learning. In other words, Sap Enable Now provides contextual learning plus online performance support.

SAP Enable Now allows users to access the latest technology including SAP/4 HANA Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors. SAP Enable Now is more than a content authoring tool. It offers E-Learning, Documentation, Process guidance, Demos, Quizzes, etc.

It provides online access to relevant learning content and step-by-step online process guidance.

Why SAP Enable Now?

SAP Enable Now is important to achieve Digital transformation which is the key to the success of every organization.

SAP Enable Now ensures that the employees use the software in the best way. The success or failure of the major software application depends on the thoroughness of the training provided.

SAP Enable Now is a very powerful tool as the application help is at your fingertips. The user is no longer required to search for the documentation to use SAP as they have their help within the application itself.

What type of content is provided by SAP Enable Now?

It provides E-Learning courses and Knowledge assessment,  Interactive demos, Practice test modes, Installation manuals, Process documentation, Test scripts, Context-sensitive in-app content help, and training materials.

Uses of SAP Enable Now

  • It offers Formal Training such as Classroom Training, Courseware for LMS, Assessments, and Quizzes.
  • Informal Learning such as Reference Library, User- Generated Content and Videos.
  • It also provides 24/7 Real-time On-the-Job Support, In-App Push Notifications and Reference Materials.
  • It reduces the cost of content development by using single-source creation approach.
  • Installation is simple for both server and desktop and no installation is required with the cloud edition.
  • It offers interactive consulting workshops for classroom training and a self-paced learning experience.
  • It provides interactive installation manuals and process documentation.
  • The tools in SAP Enable Now help you to create your own training materials on various topics.
  • It enables you to generate printable certification after attempting the quizzes.

Benefits of SAP Enable Now

  • Learning can take place anywhere or anytime while traveling or at work. Training content is easily available on Tablets, Smartphones or any other devices.
  • It reduces the training cost and time
  • It increases the success rate of training programs by decreasing user errors.
  • It provides ready-to-use content, attractive templates, and images. The content author can use it for creating content.
  • It allows the reusability of the content.
  • It has the ability to provide different output formats from a single recording.
  • It supports Cloud-based, On-premise, and Hybrid deployment options.
  • It automatically translates the content into many languages. It supports over 40 languages.

Limitations of SAP Enable Now

  • Its limited ability to provide support to other enterprises training needs because it is mainly designed for SAP support.
  • SAP Enable Now only provides the framework for content creation. The content needs to be filled by the company itself.
    For this purpose, the company needs a person who can transfer the content into the software otherwise it gets outdated.

SAP Enable Now Features

  1. Dekstop assistance: It provides the user with a guided desktop tour, and categorises documents, courses, and tutorials in an organized manner so that the information is easily accessible when required.
  2. Web assistance: It provides in-app support for web-based applications such as SAP S/4 HANA and SAP SuccessFactors. It also provides instant support to the end users if they are having any problems.
  3. Content Producer: It allows users to create various types of content using features such as Avatars, Book Page Templates, Books with actions, Books with Questions, Bubble Styles, Glossaries, Icon libraries, Quiz Templates, Scenes, FAQ Template, Memory Games, Workarea “Toolbox, Prototyping Toolkit, Text Style.
  4. Content Manager: It makes the user familiar with the Basics, Installation, Concept of Roles and Permission, Interface, Workflow, Manged Work areas, Publishing Contents, Reporting, and Migration.
  5. Content Translation: Sap Enable Now provides the content translation feature. It allows the user to translate the content into any language within a minute.
    There is no need to open any other application. To use this feature you need an SAP Translation Hub license.

SAP Companion

SAP Companion is a part of SAP Enable Now.  It is a web-based context-sensitive application help. It allows the user to find all the relevant information without leaving the application.

SAP Enable Now Licencing

Customers can directly buy and own SAP Enable Now license from SAP and build their own content. They can also outsource the license from SAP Enable Now, partner-managed cloud providers. The customers not having the license are not able to create the training material with the software.

The license also allows the customer to use SAP Enable Now in the SAP SuccessFactors system. The customers don’t need a license to use SAP standard content because it is offered free from SAP Enable Now Instance.

The licensing terms of SAP Enable Now is different for the On-premise and the cloud edition. For the On-Premise edition, the creator and consumers are priced separately. But in the Cloud edition creator and consumer are priced jointly.