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SAP HANA Admin Interview Question and Answers

Updated Apr 23, 2024

SAP HANA Basis Admin FAQs

1. How do you perform BW-on-HANA Migration?

Ans: DMO- Database Migration. This is a new feature available in SUM(Software Update Manager Tool).

2. How many VMs are supported on a single HANA Production System?

Ans: Multiple SAP HANA Virtual Machines on a Single server are only supported today in non-production environments.

3. How do you install SAP HANA?

Ans: HDBLCM Tool - To install individual or multiple Hana Server Component.

4. What are the different perspectives available in HANA Studio?


  • Administrator
  • Modeler
  • Development
  • Debug

5. What are the Data Provisioning Technologies available to replicate data to HANA?


  • SLT
  • BODS
  • SXC

6. What are the different editions available in HANA appliance Software?


  • Platform Edition 
  • Enterprise Edition

7. How do you update SAP HANA Studio/Client & HANA Revisions?


  • Use HDBLCM tool
  • Stop all processes
  • Make a System Backup if necessary
  • Perform an update
  • Update the depending Components
  • Perform the post-update steps
  • Restart all processes

8. What is the maximum database size for virtual SAP HANA Appliance?



Note: Cold Data can reside on disk for virtualized SAP HANA databases greater than 1 TB.

9. What are the tools to export Data from HANA to external Systems?


  • SLT - Database Migration Option
  • BODS - BO Data Services to export the data from HANA to external systems.

10. Will the table size in the SAP HANA database and in the source system be the same?

Ans: No, the Hana database supports compression.

11. What are the critical services HANA DB Server Consists?


  • Index Server
  • Name Server
  • Statistics Server
  • Preprocessor Server
  • XS Engine

12. What’s new with SPS09 - Admin Features?


  • SAP HANA Cockpit - Web-based tool for administration and monitoring of a single SAP HANA Database.
  • SAP DB Control Center - Web-based tool for administration and monitoring of your landscape of SAP Database.
  • New/Enhanced Monitoring Views
  • SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers
  • Improved Resource Monitoring

13. HANA in HA or Distribution Environment Terminology?


  • Name Server will have master and slave nodes.
  • Index Server will have workers and standby nodes.

14. What are the tools available for installing and upgrading SAP HANA administration databases?


  • SAP HANA administration studio, 
  • SAP HANA administration cockpit
  • SAP HANA administration dba cockpit

15. What do you mean by Multitenant Data Container (MDC) in SAP HANA administration?


The multitenant data container in SAP HANA administration means it can support both single-tenant and multi-tenant database containers.

16. What are the different security options in SAP HANA administration?


The different security options for SAP HANA administrations are: 

  • Authentication and user management.
  • Authorization and role management.
  • Encryption.
  • Data privacy.
  • Auditing.
  • Secure software.
  • Cloud security.

17. Mention all the privileges available in SAP HANA.


Privileges used in SAP HANA are:

  • System
  • Object
  • Analytic
  • Package
  • Application

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