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SAP HANA Cockpit Interview Questions and Answer


What does SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0 refer to?

The SAP HANA cockpit 1.0 basically is a SAP Fiori Launchpad site which provides you with a single point-of-access to a range of Web-based applications meant for administrating SAP HANA.

The SAP HANA cockpit 1.0 is mounted with SAP HANA as automated content.

Which of the users have authorization for SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0?

Post the creation of the database creation, the user will be required to log on for first time as the user SYSTEM. The required roles will be assigned automatically at this point of time.

For accessing SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0 the following roles should be assigned.

sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring or sap.hana.admin.roles::Administrator.

These roles will permit the user to open the cockpit and even access the tiles in the SAP HANA Database Administration catalog.

In case in the database of a multiple container, you are opening the cockpit, then you also require the role of sap.hana.admin.cockpit.roles::SysD BAdmin for accessing the tiles in the SAP HANA System Administration catalog.

How can I access SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0?

For accessing the SAP HANA Cockpit straight through the url or you could go to SAP HANA Studio -->in the navigation pane, Right Click on the System --> Configuration and Monitoring --> Open SAP HANA Cockpit

System type


Single-container system


System DB of multi-container system


Tenant DB in  multi-container system


Does SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0 have all functionality as in SAP HANA Studio?

At present, SAP HANA SPS 12 does not support the entire functionality is available in SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0 as compared to SAP HANA Studio.

SAP HANA Development has re-architected the cockpit primarily for consistently improving and adding the new functionalities to the SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0.

From which revision is SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0 is made available?

SAP HANA Cockpit is obtainable only for starting SPS 09 and is only accessible for HANA 1.0.

For starting SAP HANA 2.0 only the SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 exists.

Is it possible to access SAP HANA cockpit 1.0 when the DB is offline?

No, SAP HANA cockpit is unavailable when the DB is down.

For more details, refer to the next question ways to access cokcpit 1.0 when the database is offline.

In the cockpit when SAP HANA Database is not available, is there a similar mode to diagnosis mode in cockpit?

There is an offline mode in SAP HANA cockpit when starting SPS11. For accessing the offline mode two options are listed:

navigate from standard SAP HANA cockpit


Is it possible to access load graph also from SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0?

Yes, loading the graph is available in SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0.

SAP HANA Cockpit --> Tile “SAP HANA Database Administration” --> user should click on any of the tile "used memory, CPU usage, disk usage" and will be directed to the screen with load graph.

User needs to select the KPI which is required to be analyzed.

Can we take backups via SAP HANA Cockpit?

Yes, the user can create backups and these can be triggered from SAP HANA Cockpit.

Please note for triggering delta backup from SAP HANA Cockpit the minimum requirement is SAP HANA SPS11.

Can the user monitor alerts and configuration present within the SAP HANA Cockpit?

Yes, the user can alert monitoring and alert configuration within the SAP HANA cockpit only if the functions of monitoring and alerting in the system are being executed by the embedded statistics service, not the statistics server.

The SAP HANA revisions above 93 automatically have the embedded statistics service.

Do we have a separate HANA cockpit 1.0 for tenant database administrators?

Yes, there is separate cockpit for accessing the SAP HANA tenant database.

Can the parameters within SAP HANA cockpit 1.0 be configured?

No, it is not possible for configure the parameters as they still need to be performed using SAP HANA studio.

Is there a special view in HANA cockpit 1.0 for Multitenant database?

Yes, there is a catalog “SAP HANA System administration” on multitenant database systems which provides an overview on tenants and their status.

Click on Manage Database tile to get additional information

DO we have a section available in the diagnosis files in SAP HANA cockpit 1.0?

Yes, there is a tile by the name of “Number of Dumps” available in Tile catalog “SAP HANA Database Administration”, this will open a new window for SAP-based development workbench which comprises of the traces.

Please note in multitenant system, the trace section only has the traces of the System DB and not the tenant DB, therefore no indexserver traces would be present.

Is there a possibility for viewing the memory allocation in cockpit 1.0?

Yes, the user can go to Tile “Manage Services” under catalog “SAP HANA Database Administration”, and then click on the used memory of any service.

A new window will subsequently show the memory allocation:

Please note this is the view from single tenant database, for multitenant database.

Where can I monitor threads in SAP HANA Cockpit 1.0?

Starting SAP HANA SPS12, the user can monitor the threads, under the tile threads within the catalog SAP HANA Database Administration.

Can the user alter the scale of KPI's in performance monitor within the cockpit?

No, the scale cannot be altered in HANA cockpit, and these can only be changed in scale in HANA Studio.