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SAP HANA Database: Executor Pythontrace

14 Sep 2017 8:00 am || 0

How to create an Executor Pythontrace?


Please follow the steps below in order to record the Executor Pythonrace:

  1. First, open HANA Studio Administration View.
  2. And then go to Configuration -> executor.ini -> [pythontrace].
  3. Now enable the trace.
  4. Now please run the query
  5. Now stop the tracing by turning off the trace.
  6. Now under the Diagnosis Files, you will find the pythontrace. The default filename is $ Please give this file to the SAP support team.

Or you can also enable and disable the executor pythontrace with the following SQL commands:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('executor.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('pythontrace', 'trace') = 'on' with reconfigure; -- turn executor trace ON

--Execute query

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('executor.ini', 'SYSTEM') UNSET ('pythontrace', 'trace') with reconfigure; -- turn executor trace OFF

For enabling and disabling the pythontrace, the respective user needs the system privilege upto INIFILE ADMIN.