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SAP HANA Modeling Privileges

09 Aug 2017 9:20 am || 0

Privileges are required by user in order to work in SAP HANA. Listed below are the privileges required for SAP HANA Modelling –

Privileges Required for Modelling

Security to SAP HANA database can be received from the privileges. This helps the authorized user to get access only to the authorized content.

Object Privileges

For providing read/write access on database objects, the SQL privileges such as object privileges are used. For Modelling, the below given object privileges are needed:

  • On _SYS_BI Schema, privilege is selected.
  • On _SYS_BIC Schema, privilege is selected.
  • On REPOSITORY_REST (SYS), privilege is executed.
  • On Table Schema, privilege is selected.

Package Privileges

To authorize action on individual packages, package privileges are needed. For data modeling, listed below are the package privileges that are needed:

  • On Root Package REPO.MAINTAIN_NATIVE_PACKAGES privilege are used.

Analytic Privileges

View Analytic Privileges are needed to access SAP HANA Information.

  • "_SYS_BI_CP_ALL" analytic privileges are needed in SAP HANA System for Full data access to all information view. The analytic privileges should be created and assign to the user for restricted data access.

Other Privileges

  • Provide Grant on Own Schema to _SYS_REPO user as 'GRANT SELECT ON SCHEMA " Schema name" TO _SYS_REPO WITH GRANT OPTION';
  • For creating delivery Units use REPO.MAINTAIN_DELIVERY_UNITS.
  • For Import / Export of delivery Units use REPO.IMPORT, REPO.EXPORT.
  • For work in foreign workspaces use REPO.WORK_IN_FOREIGN_WORKSPACES.