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SAP HANA Real Time Interview Questions List

Here is a list of SAP HANA real time interview questions which are frequently asked:

1) Explain what is SAP HANA?
2) Explain the two types of Relational Data stored in HANA?
3) Explain what is modeling studio?
4) Explain what are the different compression techniques?
5) Explain what is the advantage of SLT replication?
6) Explain what is the role of the persistence layer in SAP HANA?
7) Explain what is latency?
9) Explain how you can avoid un-necessary information from being stored?
10) Explain what is transformation rules?
11) Explain what is the role of master controller job in SAP HANA?
12) Explain what is the role of the transaction manager and session?
13) Explain what happens if the replication is suspended for a longer period of time or system outage of SLT or HANA system?
14) Name various components of SAP HANA?
15) Explain how SQL statement is processed?