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What is SAP LiveCache and Its Uses?

Updated Aug 16, 2023

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) requires robust solutions that can optimize processes and enhance decision-making. One such solution that has garnered significant attention is SAP LiveCache – an innovative in-memory database designed to expedite material planning scenarios within SAP Supply Chain Management.

What is SAP LiveCache?

SAP LiveCache is a high-performance in-memory database that serves as a crucial component of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM). It is specifically tailored to accelerate material planning activities, ranging from demand forecasting to on-demand available-to-promise (ATP) scenarios.

By residing in memory, SAP LiveCache provides rapid access to data, significantly reducing the time required for complex calculations and analysis. This acceleration translates to improved operational efficiency and more informed decision-making.

Properties of SAP liveCache

Properties of an SAP application with SAP liveCache technology are:

  • All application data and objects are present in the working memory with an optimal configuration,
  • Employing a shared read/write cache among multiple application servers to enhance system efficiency.
  • Relational and object-oriented data modeling
  • Executing data-intensive business logic in close proximity to the application data, minimizing the need for excessive back-and-forth data transfers.
  • Ensuring the availability of all required database functions and features.

Key Uses of SAP LiveCache

  • Resource-Intensive Planning: Material planning involves intricate calculations and data processing. SAP LiveCache shines in this area by expediting processes such as demand planning, where forecasting is transformed into actionable insights. It enables efficient utilization of resources and enhances the accuracy of predictions.

  • Demand Forecasting: The database supports demand forecasting, allowing businesses to anticipate market trends and align their production and distribution accordingly. This capability minimizes overstocking or stockouts, optimizing inventory management.

  • Available-to-Promise (ATP): SAP LiveCache aids in real-time ATP scenarios, providing businesses with accurate information on product availability for customers. This enables better order commitment and enhances customer satisfaction.

Architecture of SAP Live Cache

SAP LiveCache operates on a unique architecture that leverages the power of main memory for data storage and retrieval. The database consists of liveCache applications, which are database procedures designed for fast access to application data. These applications are organized in an object-oriented manner, enabling seamless data handling. The technology's hybrid main-memory database design, coupled with its use of database procedures, contributes to its exceptional performance.

SAP Live Cahce Arthcitecture

Limitations and Scope

It's important to note that SAP LiveCache technology is tightly integrated with SAP applications. Its functionalities are optimized to cater to complex SCM processes, making it indispensable for managing logistical solutions within SAP SCM/APO environments. While SAP LiveCache's benefits are undeniable within this context, its application beyond SAP systems is limited.


SAP LiveCache stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution of technology in streamlining business processes. By harnessing the power of in-memory databases, SAP LiveCache significantly accelerates material planning activities in SAP Supply Chain Management. Its ability to handle resource-intensive tasks, predict demand, and ensure data consistency positions it as a critical asset for modern businesses aiming to enhance their supply chain efficiency and overall operational excellence.