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SAP Remote Printing Issue

03 Sep 2009 8:10 pm || 0


I have setup remote printing in my SAP environment. I have selected access method "S-Print using SAP protocol" because my SAP spool server  is on a different host than my OS spool server. I am running in a windows environment. When I print I get the below error message. I have also made sure that my host printer and destination host is pointing to the server that of my OS Spooler. Please advise on what I should do?

SAP spool error log

Print request processing log

The host spool is reporting errors

Unintelligible response received from assumed SAPLPD ("#")
(SAP)LPD cannot accept request (Queue \<Printerspooler><Printer Name> disabled?)
Unable to establish connection to SAPLPD
3 connection attempts terminated with network errors.
For more information, look in the system log or developer trace

Unable to connect to output processor
There may be no printout