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SAP is Working at Slow Speed

Dear Gurus,

I have a problem that my SAP is working at very slow speed and it takes long time to process one t-code, while i have a good speed of internet connection, Please provide me the solution to get rid from this problem.



  • 16 Apr 2013 5:45 am rekha Helpful Answer

    There are many reasons due to which sap is working at slow speed. 

    Goto T.code ST03 where you can check which part is consuming maximum time. 

    If you are using SQL, Goto T.code ST04 to see if your database trans log is getting too large or if the database file size has adequate room for growth Check T.code ST06 where the system shows the current detail data for the high CPU usage. 

    For detail analysis Goto - Current Data - Snapshot - Top CPU processes in the operating system monitor. You can also look at ST06 and see if you have high utilization on a particular disk. Check T.code SM50 to see if you have a lot of items in process or waiting to process. check - ST04 will help.