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SAProuter: Editing a New SAPROUTTAB

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SAProuter: Editing a New SAPROUTTAB

If you want to set up SAPNet - R/3 Frontend access from other servers, or from other PCs than the configured front ends, change this manually in the SAPROUTTAB table. Then assign the new SAPROUTTAB to the SAProuter.


  1. In the System Administration Assistant choose 
  2. Enter the name of the host on which SAProuter is running as the transaction parameter.
  3. Choose Edit SAProuttab.

    You can also edit SAProuttab with the operating system editor.

    The current SAProuttab is displayed in the following form:
    P 3201
    P 3200
    P 192.168.0.* 3299
  4. Enter the IP addresses which are also to have access to SAPNet - R/3 Frontend under the third line. Do this in the same way as in step 3. The first IP address is the one that is to be added, while the second IP address is copied over unchanged. This can appear as follows, for example:

    P <insert the additional IP address here> 3299
  5. Save the modified SAProuttab. 
  6. To activate the new SAProuttab, choose the relevant system and then Reread SAProuttab or stop and restart the SAProuter service.