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SCC1 Perform transport in same R/3 system but in different Clients

Updated May 19, 2018

SCC1 T-Code u can do the transport in same R/3 System but different client like

Source : 100(DEV)
Target-1 : 200 (QAS)
Target-2: 300 (PRD)

SCC1 Just specify Source Client and the Request number and import the request
In this process u don’t have to release the transport request.
SCC1 Perform transport in same R/3 system but in different Clients


  • 16 Mar 2013 2:18 pm Avinash Yadav Dokkara Helpful Answer
    Consider an example where a role needs to be transported from one client to another client in a single system. Login into source client ex. 800.Primarily identify the role in SUIM and copy the role and paste in pfcg. Click on Truck Icon. A dialog box will be displayed to select two options user assignment and personalisation. Uncheck the user assignment and tick mark beside personalisation. Now a new transport request dialog box will be displayed. Click on create new request. and enter the required credentials. Now execute se10 in the same client. Click on display. note down the tr no. Now login into other client ex.810 with a user who has full authorizations. execute scc1, enter the source client i.e 800 and in the next field i.e transport request click on pop box. A new window is displayed i.e Requests/Tasks now enter the relevant tr here. click on check and further click on execute. after that tick on including including sub request tasks and start immediately.
    The operation would be continued further.