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Service Preparation for SAP S/4HANA Finance Readiness Check

10 May 2016 3:56 pm || 0

1. Which preparation steps should be included in the production system in order to convert to SAP S/4HANA Finance?

The user should follow the following steps to convert to SAP S/4HANA Finance:

To check which SAP /corrections are required for the BPA, DVM and CCM service in the system to be analyzed, use report RTCCTOOL. From SE38 run RTCCTOOL, choose "Settings" and activate the below given options:

•    Prepare for BPM (Business Process Analysis and Monitoring)
•    Prepare for DVM (Data Volume Management) service
•    Prepare for CCM (Custom Code Management)

Select 'Save'. After this, check the list of displayed SAP  to identify if any of these appear with a yellow or red rating, which may call for further action. If all SAP  are rated green, then the service can go ahead.

Furthermore, add-ons ST-PI and ST-A/PI should be updated. The add-ons contain function modules and data collectors which ensure the quality of the service data collection. To ensure that the newest versions of add-ons ST-PI and ST-A/PI are implemented, use report RTCCTOOL as per SAP 69455. 

Minimum version for ST-PI is ST-PI 2008_1_[700-710] SP12 or ST-PI 740 SP02 + implementation of SAP 2262129
Minimum version for ST-A/PI is 01S.

Certain analysis reports have a long runtime. Therefore, it is better to schedule the following reports in background mode in advance:

•    Sizing report /SDF/HDB_SIZING or ZNEWHDB_SIZE: 

Select Sizing scenario "Perform sizing of S/4HANA Finance on premise". In order to reduce the execution time, adjust the number of parallel dialog processes. Please consult SAP 1872170 and the attached FAQ document to get more information on available select options.


The report can be run in background mode by ensuring that all the checkboxes with "Check all" are selected.

2. Which preparation steps should be performed on SAP Solution Manager?

The following activities should be performed on SAP Solution Manager:

•    Make sure that the production system is linked to SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN_SETUP -> Managed Systems Configuration)
•    If not done, activate EarlyWatch Alert for the SAP ERP production system in migration scope, as well as for the entire connected SAP NetWeaver systems (SAP BW, SAP PI, SAP NW Portal).

3. How to provide remote access and authorizations?

The remote system access should be provided to SAP Solution Manager and the productive SAP ERP system (or a current copy of production).

SAP ERP system: The user role should contain standard SAP basis support authorizations (transactions SM51, SM50, DB02…). Prepare this user as explained in SAP 1405975 section I. Moreover, grant authorizations for:

•    transactions SCI, SLG1 and SFW5
•    authorization object S_APPL_LOG 

SAP Solution Manager: The user in the Solution Manager can be an example of SAPSERVICE which is typically created as part of Solution Manager Setup. On the other hand, it is adequate to provide a user with roles such as: