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22 Aug 2016 10:39 am || 0

Function of SQLScript in SAP HANA

More numbers of customers today are opting for SAP HANA in order to get rid of the common problems that they face which include massive growth of data volume, high flexibility, immediate results, complex system landscape and skilled workforce. SQLScript is the scripting language that is used in SAP HANA database. SQL or the Structured Quality Language is a distinct resolution programming language intended to manage data for stream processing in a relational data stream management system or detained in a relational database management system.

Advantages of SQLScript:

The main objective of SQLScript in SAP HANA database is to enable the execution of data intensive calculations.

Listed below are the Advantages of SQLScript:

  • It has control logic.
  • Its functions can return multiple results compared to the plain SQL queries.
  • It backs local variables for transitional consequences with tacitly defined types.
  • It helps the multifaceted functions to break down into minor functions allowing modular programming, reprocess, and improved understand-ability.
  • It helps in system, session and transaction management.
  • It performs data and schema definition and manipulation.

SQL is a declarative and set-based programming language and like C or BASIC it is not an authoritative programming language. To evade huge data prints to the application server the SQL extensions set are important and for influencing refined parallel execution tactics of the database.

The following Problems are addressed by SQLScript:

  • By using views, disintegrating an SQL query can be done. They can be utilized as tables and implanted into added SQL statements.
  • It cannot define business logic as a result of which into the database this business logic cannot be pressed down.
  • The calculation of associated result sets must be divided into isolated, typically unconnected, queries.
  • Since, SQLScript inspires makers to apply procedures by means of a set-focused on model and not utilizing a sinle tuple at a time model, authoritative logic is mandatory, for instance by iterative estimate procedures. Therefore, it is likely to blend declarative ones along with the imperative constructs recognized as of stored procedures.

Theoretically SQLScript is associated to stored procedures as mentioned in the SQL standard, but it is aimed to offer greater optimization potentials. SQLScript should be utilized in cases where other demonstrating constructs of SAP HANA, for instance attribute views or analytic views are not adequate.

Thus, it can be said that the motivation for SQLScript is to implant data-intensive application logic into the database.