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ST01: How do you delete files from the system trace?

Updated May 18, 2018

You can generate many trace files via transaction ST01 (SAP System Trace). How do you delete them again?

Note that both the SQL trace (transaction ST05) and the System Trace (ST01) use the same files. Thus, ensure that you do not delete files with transaction ST01 that another colleague may still want to evaluate with transaction ST05.

-> Tools -> Administration
  -> Monitoring -> Traces -> System trace
, transaction ST01

(For some reason, the English translations of transaction ST01 are very dated. Therefore, the specifications are given in both languages here.)
[F7]  -> Trace-Dateien -> Liste der Traces...
                           -> Trace files -> Analyze standard

[F6]  [neuste Liste]
                           [new list]

Cursor auf eine Datei stellen und
[F14]  [Datei lö.]
                           [delete]   2nd button!

[F8]   [Alle lö.]
                           [delete all]
Up to now, you could only select the files to be deleted. And finally:        -> Springen -> Dateien löschen
                            -> Goto -> Delete files
Note: As there is no way to inform inactive processes, you cannot delete the current trace file. The SAP trace concept assumes that the current file is always retained.