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What steps are taken if you cannot logon to OSS or SAP system

You are not able to access OSS or SAP internal systems,Technical settings and SAP Logon are not maintained correctly.

If you are unable to access OSS or SAP internal systems, implement the following steps:

I- Maintain the technical setting via OSS1 transaction:

     1- Access your R/3 and start transaction /noss1
        (do not logon to oss at this time)
     2- Activate Parameters from the menu
     3- Activate Technical Settings
     4- Maintain your technical setting per following

        A- SAProuters at customer:
           1- SAProuter1
              Name: SAProuter host name
              IP Address:ip address through which you are connected
                        to the saprouter box)
              Instance:  99

           2- SAProuter2
              Second saprouter is normally not used. Therefore, leave
              these fields blank.

       B- SAProuter and OSS Message Server at SAP
           1- SAProuter at SAP
              Name: sapserv4 (or your firewall if you are using
              a firewall located between your router and saprouter)
              Instance: 99

           2- OSS Message Server
              Name: oss001 (must be all lower case)
              DB name: O01 (must capital "O" zero one)
              nstance no. : 01 (must be "zero 1")

5- Save the settings
6- Logon to OSS

II- Maintain sap logon at your PC

Access the directory where saplogon.ini is residing and locate two other files; one is called saproute.ini and the other sapmsg.ini
You may create these two files using any editor such a notepad.  If you
need to create these file, make sure they are created in the same
directory as saplogon.ini

A) Create saproute.ini and sapmsg.ini per following:
   File name: Saproute.ini
   Text:  [Router]
          Sapserv4=/H/customer's saprouter IP address/H/
          Sapgate4=/H/partner's saprouter IP address/H/

Please note that you should only use sapgate4 if you have been provided
authorization from SAP, otherwise you will not be able to access sapgate4.  You do not need to have access to sapgate4 in order to have
access to oss! Sapgate4 is not for oss usage.  Also, if you are a
a partner and are not using a saprouter to connect to either sapgate4
sapserv4, skip "partner's saprouter IP" in the above equation.

  File name: sapmsg.ini
  Text:  [Message Server]

If you are a partner and are accessing systems such as MLP and etc., you may also include MLP and its appropriate DNS here.

B) Start "Sap logon" at your PC
    1- Select "Group Selection"
    2- Sap system ID: locate O01 or the appropriate entry per
                      sapmsg.ini file (dropdown arrow)
    3- Message Server filed will be filled in automatically
    4- Saprouter for: select sapserv4 or sapgate4 (dropdown arrow)
    5- Press "OK"
    6- Block "1_Public"
    7- Press "Add and Logon"

You will now have oss access via your SAP logon window

IV- Maintain your saprouttab or routtab file where your saprouter program is being run. 

III- if your R/3 is running on AS400, you must implement sap logon procedure to be able to access oss.  You must also implement
     techincal setting procedure per above to be able to download hot patches.

Please implement the following notes, if you receive an error message stating:

        "Default connection will be used" and cannot access oss.

        "route permission denied." Replace sapserv3 and its parameters with sapserv4 ( applicable.
        Again, if you are using a firewall, replace sapserv4 and its parameters with the firewall's internal IP address for proper