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Steps to Install SAP Note

21 Jan 2006 9:55 pm || 0

Go through following Steps:

  1. Check Note Validity

    1. Log on to SAPNet (or use SAP Service Marketplace on the Web)

      1. Click Gen. Functions

      2. Click Display

      3. Enter note # and click Execute

      4. Click Note Administration

      5. Click Support Package Tab to display note package level

        If no value exists for package level

    2. Follow the steps in the Solution to apply the note

    3. Go to transaction code spam

      1. Click Package Level to display current package level

    4. Compare note package level with current package level

      1. If note package level < or = current package level, note has
        already been applied through support packages.

        No additional steps necessary

      2. If note package level > current package level, note must be
        applied. Go to Step 2

  2. Go to transaction code snote

  3. Download SAP note

    1. Click Goto à Download SAP note

    2. Enter note #

    3. Click Execute

  4. Implement SAP Note

    1. Select note and click Implement SAP Note icon

    2. Request – Click Create; Enter note # and description

    3. Take note of transport #

  5. Test transport before migration

    1. Notify requestor to verify changes before migrating to the next environment

    2. After thorough testing has been completed, release transport

    3. Migrate transport to the other environments