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STMS in Single System by using Virtual System

Shalesh Singh Visen || 07 Feb 2010 4:06 pm || 1

Go to T-Code STMS
It will ask to configure Transport Domain Just save it with default settings

After saving the default setting the system will look like this


Now go to Systems

Overview >> Systems

It will show u all the system in this domain controller by default there is only one system in domain controller and that is DEV now u have to create PRD and QAC

Now Go to SAP System >> Create >> Virtual System

Virtual system

It will ask to create system type give it the name PRD and now replete the same for the QAC

Now your domain controller has all three systems..

Virtual System


Now u have to configure the Transport route
So for this go to /nSTMS and then go to

Overview >> Transport Route
STMS Transport management system

In this transport route configuration window.

Go to
Configuration >> Standard Configuration >> Three system in Group

Standard Configuration

It will ask u to give the DEV QAC and PRD system just select them



You’re your STMS is Configured and it will look like this

Three system Land scape



  • 19 Mar 2010 10:57 pm
    Hi Shailesh,

    This is the basis STMS config using 2 virtual systems i.e quality and ya know any technique by which i can allocate the space to both the virtual systems on the same system as the development.