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Syntax error in program SAPLCNDP While starting SAP

31 Jan 2007 7:52 am || 2


I have just finished installing SAP and I want to Restore my QA Database backup on the new system But after restoring the DB and changing users and doing user restore, I started SAP but when I try to logon I get a synatx message as below;

"Syntax error in program: SAPLCNDP
IN include : LCNDPU13
in line : 53
Last changed by : SAP
Author : SAP

Statement "ASSERT" is not defined, check spelling"

I have tried the restore so many times and checked the OSS note but can not find anything. Can someone please help.


  • 25 Oct 2007 1:50 am
    I recently setup a new system and restored it from my QA database backup. After the restore I got the same error. I then upgraded my Kernel(check that the kernel on your QA system is the same as the kernel on your new system) and that solved the problem. Alternatively copy your entire exe directory from QA and replace the exe directory on your new system(be sure to stop necessary services ie SAPOSCOL and SAP_00)
  • 25 May 2008 2:19 pm
    hi, i too had the same problem, i just changed the Description field in th Application Server and it worked.