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T-code KE24 in SAP

Updated Dec 01, 2023

T-code KE24 in SAP is a standard tool for viewing CO-PA (Profitability Analysis) documents, showcasing various characteristics and value fields. Alongside the SAP Query tool, users leverage KE24 for efficient line item reports. The function of KE24 involves displaying actual line items from the controlling module, reflected in CO-PA elements accessible through transaction KE30

Function of T-code KE24

  • Transaction KE24 is used to display all postings from controlling module, actual line items.
  • These postings are reflected in the elements from CO- PA (Profitability Analysis) in transaction KE30.
  • Behind the Profitability Report is a form (transaction KE35) that calculates values based on a combination of Value Fields and Characteristics.
  • A user cam also create smarter reports of the CO-PA data using transaction KE31 it can be a bit complicated to use for the first time but the reporting here is more powerful and the data can be manipulated somewhat.

How to reconcile the CO-PA line item report KE24 to the GL?

Please follow the steps below to reconcile the CO-PA line item report KE24

1) Include manual journal entries (record type B) when running KE24

2) All manual journal entries that include revenue and COS must include profitability fields (sales order, customer) in order to post to CO-PA. More details of the requirements are:

  • Profitability fields for all revenue accounts and manual COS accounts are mandatory
  • Profitability fields for the general COS account are not mandatory since, sometimes, journal entries are recorded to COS but are not related to a specific sales order. These journal entries will be reconciling items between CO-PA and the GL

3) The above steps minimize the reconciling differences between CO-PA and the GL however they do not eliminate them. There can be timing differences since:

  • CO-PA posts both revenue and COS when an item is invoiced
  • GL posts COS during goods issue, and revenue when an item is invoiced
  • Run transaction KEAT to display postings to the GL in previous periods, and not yet billed.

4)  Remaining reconciling differences related to repair sales orders in CO-PA. Due to order billing types, some repair order revenue and COS may not be recorded in CO-PA. Ongoing efforts are focused on identifying solutions to minimize these discrepancies