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TM Embedded in S/4 HANA

12 Mar 2018 7:38 am || 0

TM embedded in S/4 Hana faq's

1. Question: explain why FUs are not created or updated directly when n order is created or delivered? 

Answer: During the creation of new addresses or a one-time-locations or locations or incase FUs are locked in TM, then the TM specific processing is scheduled in a BGRFC queue and is later processed. The queue can be monitored via the standard BGRFC transactions such as SBGRFCMON (bgRFC Monitor). The name of the queue (Inbound destination) is appropriate for TM is TM_BGRFC_INBOUND.

For more details related to TM and BGRFC user should refer to the sap doc 2526415 (Updated trigger concept using bgRFC processing).

Remark: Initially user has to execute the report /SCMTMS/TRIGGER_SETUP_BGRFC once for creating an inbound destination.

2. Question: Why a condition does not deliver the desired result incase its utilizing an order or delivery related data?

Answer: Internally a data container is present and comprises of the data of the order or delivery utilized by the TM specific logic. 

For making use of the data of this container user has to utilize the determination class /SCMTMS/CL_COND_TRQ_CT_EXTR in the respective data access definition of the condition. Besides this class use should has to use /SCMTMS/TRQ as business object, the respective node - ROOT and ITEM are supported - and the respective field user wants to utilize.

3. Question: Why does the propagation of texts from an order or delivery to the TM execution documents not work? 

Answer: In the text schema user has to utilize an access sequence which contains an access with the determination class /SCMTMS/CL_TEXT_ACCESS_ERP.

4. Question: Why does the creation of a location which is based on a plant or a shipping point fail ?

Answer: A location generally requires an address and hence it required to be ensured that for the plant or the shipping point an address is present.

5. Question: How can a user modify the data which is a result of the internal mapping which takes place between the SAP TM documents and SAP ERP documents ?

Answer: There is the BAdI /SCMTMS/BADI_LOGINT_CHG_TTRQ which permits the manipulation of the data which is related to SAP TM.