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Top 10 Highest Paid SAP Companies in UK

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Top 10 Highest Paid SAP Companies in UK

Though there are numerous companies in the industry that provide SAP solutions and other related services to their global clients, not all of them shine equally in the field. The major reason is variation in the efficiency of the employees and working flexibility. The organizations which are able to provide higher salaries, flexible working schedule and the best working environment for their employees stands among the top positions in the survey. These organizations clearly understand the methodologies to get the most out of their employees.

Top-10 SAP Companies in UK

Here is a list of Top 10 Highest Paid SAP Companies in UK.

1. Accenture:

Accenture is a well established company that provides SAP solutions and services with the largest SAP team in this field. More than 30,000 employees are working all around the world on more than 1500 projects with around 1300 clients. The company has won 22 SAP pinnacle awards in the last 8 years. Accenture is also named as Partner of the Year - Collaborative Revenue at SAP UK partner awards. As the company has team of professionals who have massive expertise on SAP solution, the employees are paid higher.

Post Salary (£)
SAP Consultant 40,000-50,000
Analyst 30,000-35,000
Manager 70,000-75,000
Management Consulting Manager 70,000-80,000
Technology Consulting Manager 70,000-80,000
Senior Manager 100,771-110,000
Management Consulting Senior Manager 106,221-110,000
Senior Consultant 50,000-55,000

2. Advent Global Solutions:

Advent is one of the top SAP companies with more than 1000 employees creating opportunities and serving customers all over the globe. Advent is renowned as a leading edge of companies that offer business transformation through the portfolio of reliable structured offering. The company is helping its clients to adhere to their core competence whilst staying competitive. Advent is not just confined to provide SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) solutions and services but also many other services in order to benefit their clients.

Post Salary ($)
Systems Analyst 55,000-60,000
Computer Systems Analyst 60,000-65,000
Business Systems Analyst 50,000-55,000
Programmer 60,000-65,000
Enterprise Architect 90,000-95,000
Programmer Analyst 55,000-60,000
Financial System Analyst 75,000-80,000

3. The Baer Group:

The Baer Group is an award winning SAP consulting and ERP staffing firm which has a strong track record of providing the precise candidates for every different project. The company has in-depth experience in enterprise applications from Oracle and SAP including Cloud solutions, business analytics, ERP and many more. Using their knowledge, the staffs are able to determine the credentials required for specific project of the client. The Baer Group has the ability of providing committed services to all their clients.

Post Salary ($)
Systems Analyst 55,000-60,000
Computer Systems Analyst 60,000-65,000
Business Systems Analyst 50,000-55,000

4. Control Solutions International:

Control Solutions International has been in the SAP industry for more than 2 decades and delivers a perfect amalgamation of technical knowledge, practical experience and though leadership in more than thirty five countries. The staff members are committed to implement customized methodology to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Every employee of the company has minimum 10 years of experience in SAP. You can check the salary packages of the employees of Control Solutions International in different levels below.

Post Salary ($)
Audit Manager 80,000-85,000
International Audit Project Manager 1,00,000-1,20,000
Internal Audit Consultant 70,000-80,000

5. Wipro Technologies, Inc:

Wipro is a information technology, outsourcing and consulting company with more than 158,217 staff members servicing clients in 200 cities across six continents. Their in-depth knowledge in advanced technology has made this company to help their clients in developing their competitive advantage in the ever-changing fast paced world. The company has 55+ committed emerging technologies and this has made it possible for the company to deliver business ability to all out clients.

Post Salary ($)
Programmer Analyst 80,000-85,000
Lead Engineer 80,000-85,000
Business Systems Analyst 85,000-90,000
Project Manager 95000-1,00,000
System Administrator 75,000-80,000
Architect II 75,000-80,000
Business System Analyst III 100,000-105,000

6. Hewlett-Packard:

Skilled employees with massive knowledge in emerging technologies are the backbone of the Hewlett Packard and so the company is able to provide a wide range of services and solutions to all its worldwide clients. HP excels in offering various services like applications, business process, enterprise security, data center, cloud and workload, mobility services and industry solutions. So the employees of this company are paid higher and they are as follows:

Post Salary ($)
Services Information Developer 90,000-95,000
Technology Consultant III 1,00,000-1,05,000
Software Designer 115,000-120,000
IT Developer/Engineer 110,000-115,000
Technology Consultant 100,000-105,000
Technology Consultant II 90,000-95,000

7. Deloitte:

Deloitte has tens of thousands of committed professionals who are able to provide consulting, financial advisory, auditing, risk management, tax management and other related services to their clients. In fact Deloitte is a brand under which several independent firms are operated. These independent firms are structured as per national laws, customer practice, affiliates and other entities. The seasoned executives are paid higher at this company and their payment details are listed below.

Post Salary ($)
Senior Consultant 110,000-115,000
Consultant 85,000-90,000
Manager 130,000-140,000

8. Cognizant Technology Solutions:

Cognizant is a pioneer in providing technology services to consumers with the intention of bringing the prospects of work to life instantly. The company assists businesses to make their business operation as cost effective and efficient as possible and to make investment on innovation in order to unleash the new potential across the organization. The professionals of the company enhance the productivity of their clients’ businesses in a faster yet cheaper way.

Post Salary ($)
System Analyst 60,000-65,000
Senior Systems Analyst 70,000-75,000
Assistant Project Manager 85,000-90,000
Programmer Analyst 55,000-60,000
Project Manager 95,000-100,000
Manager 85,000-90,000

9. Tata Consultancy Services:

Tata consultancy services is a leading firm that provide dedicated IT services along with digital solutions to their clients in order to strengthen, simplify and transform their business. The company has several teams of professionals to ensure higher level of satisfaction and certainty through in-depth knowledge in the industry. The company is known to be a global network of unique and innovation center. The company is recognized as Big Global IT service brand.

Post Salary (£)
IT Analyst 30,000-35,000
Business Analyst 35,000-40,000
Senior Consultant 70,000-75,000

10. IBM Business Consulting Services:

IBM is an integrated company which has made its establishment in more than 170 countries. The company has more than 20,000 employees in the UK to provide innovative solutions to various client bases and thereby helping them to meet the toughest challenges in their business sector. Being a technology leader, IBM is involved in innovative research and development in order to shape the prospects of society at the largest base.

Post Salary ($)
Managing Consultant 125,000-130,000
Senior Consultant 100,000-105,000
Senior Managing Consultant 155,000-160,000
Senior Software Engineer 115,000-120,000
Advisory Software Engineer 115,000-120,000
Computer System Analyst 80,000-85,000

Besides the ones listed above there are a couple of more companies too listed below, which also offer good job prospects and a good pay package.

Top 17 SAP Companies in UK are as follow:

1) Accenture
2) Advent Global Solutions
3) Baer Group The
4) Control Solutions International
5) Genpact
6) Freudenberg IT LP
7) Atos Origin, Inc.
8) Patni Computer Systems
9) Capgemini
10) Itelligence
11) Yash Technologies
12) IBM Business Consulting Services
13) Tata Consultancy Services
14) Cognizant Technology Solutions
15) Deloitte
16) Hewlett-Packard Company
17) Wipro Technologies, Inc.


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