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Top Highest Paid Oil and Gas Companies Which Uses SAP

We all understand and would agree to the fact that a professional qualification like SAP does definitely give you an edge over the others apart from providing you with a good salary structure. There are quite a few modules available in SAP nowadays which were earlier not very prominent and all thanks to the exposure people are getting from surfing the internet one can go ahead and select the avenue you would like to specialize in and see what ate the various challenges related to a particular stream, see the salary packages which come along with it and decide whether you want it as a long-term career for yourself or not.

Quite similar to all streams SAP will once again be a game changer in the field of Oil and Gas. Today one can see many top end companies such as Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Conoco Philips, Gazprom, National Iranian Oil Co, PetroChina, Pemex, Chevron, Kuwait Petroleum Corp are companies which pay really well to all the SAP folks, across all levels.

We have collated the information on a few top companies in the field of SAP and Oil and Gas based on the information received from Let us see and understand their compensation levels.

Top Oil and Gas Companies salary structure Stechies

Exxon Mobil: This is known as the one the leading publicly traded international oil and Gas Company in the world. The company is well known as holding the industry leading inventory of global oil and gas resources. This is also referred to as the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum based products. While the lowest salary is that of the Procurement Associate is $76,759 is, the highest is that of the senior financial analyst which is $155, 522.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Business Analyst $89,726
Chemical Engineer $116,615
Financial Analyst $111,485
Finance Manager $160,708


Royal Dutch Shell: This is a very prominent Oil and Gas company. The Salary structure in the organization varies from $89,726 which is paid to a Business Analyst and the highest is $160,078, to a finance manager.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Business Analyst $89,726
Chemical Engineer $116,615
Financial Analyst $111,485
Finance Manager $160,708

British petroleum: We have all heard the name of this world famous oil and Gas Company. The salaries in this company vary from $77,131, which is also the lowest and varies all the way upt0 $ 137,906, which is the lowest.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Financial Analyst $77,131
Mechanical Engineer $94,511
Petroleum Engineer $133,935
Project Manager $128,183
Business Analyst $85,146
Chemical Engineer $110,238
Procurement Specialist $82,041
Production Engineer $137,906
Supply Chain Analyst $98,835
Senior Financial Analyst $104,096
Product Control Analyst $79,243
Financial Manager $137,349


Conoco Philips: The oil and Gas Company is located in Houston, Texas, United States of America. This is more prominently known as an American multinational energy corporation. The fortune 500 company is also rated as the world’s largest independent pure-play exploration and Production Company. The salaries start from $73,789 which is generally given to an analyst and varies all the way to 132, 664 the highest in the company given to a Project manager.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Analyst $73,789
Financial Analyst $81,089
Senior Production Engineer $130,793
Finance Analyst $72,151
Production Engineer $111,197
Project Manager $132,664
Petroleum Engineer $116,560
Business Analyst $107,007
SAP Analyst $111,269
Chemical Engineer $102,090
Financial Consultant $130,095
Quantitative Analyst $104,972


Total: Total company has their operations widely spread in more than 130 countries and is known to be the leading international oil and gas company. The company specializes in producing, refining as well as marketing oil and manufacturing petrochemicals. They also rank as a major player in natural gas and rank second in solar energy with SunPower. With more than 100,000 employees on their database the company is serving customers all round the globe.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Programmer Analyst $62,372
Business Operations Specialist $62,984
Business Ops and Development Specialist $38,056

Pemex: The average salaries in Pemex start with $65, 947 which is that of the procurement engineer, a contract analyst earns a yearly salary of a contract analyst is $63, 871, Systems Analyst or contracts administrator earns at an average of $55, 288.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Procurement Engineer $65,947
Contract Analyst $63,871
Systems Analyst/Contracts Administrator $55,288


Chevron: The salary of a financial analyst is $83,445 which is the lowest, a petroleum engineer is $117, 657, and the salaries vary. The highest paid is a senior financial analyst who earns $138,725.

Job Title Salary ( in $ Dollor)
Petroleum Engineer $117,657
Financial Analyst $83,445
Business Analyst $102,800
Business Analyst - Procurement $103,538
Production Engineer $112,160
Mechanical Engineer $111,865
Project Manager $133,408
Senior Financial Analyst $138,725


Saudi Aramco: The oil and Gas company is officially known as Saudi Arabian Oil company. Based out of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia was originally founded in the year 1933 by Khalid A Falih. The company is well known for providing good salaries along with the opportunities for higher education.

Gazprom: The global energy company specializes in geological exploration, storage, transportation, processing and sales of gas, and even in generation and marketing of heat and electric power. Average monthly salary of an engineer is that of $58,461. The company is well known for providing an employee friendly work culture.

National Iranian oil Co: Is a government owned corporation which is under the direction of the ministry of petroleum of Iran. Established in the year 1948 and has its head base in Tehran.

PetroChina: As one can figure out from the name itself the company is located in China. Originally set up in the year 2002. The company manages as well as organizes the international trade of crude oil, petrochemicals, natural gas along with other businesses. The employees are quite happy with the average salaries being offered in this organization.

Kuwait Petroleum Corp: This is Kuwait’s national oil company. This oil and Gas Company is also referred to as one of the largest oil complexes in the world. All the activities in this company broadly focus on petroleum exploration, petrochemicals, refining, marketing and transportation.

Abu Dhabi National Oil company: This is also known as ADNOC is the state owned oil company of the United Arab Emirates. This is rated as the world’s fourth largest oil company which has access to the country’s oil and gas reserves. This was originally set up in the year 1971.

Produced Barrels of Top Companies Stechies

List Of Top 25 Oil and Gas Companies of 2015:

Companies Barrel per day
Saudi Aramco 12.5 million
Gazprom 9.7 million
National Iranian Oil Co. 6.4 million
ExxonMobil 5.3 million
PetroChina 4.4 million
BP 4.1 million
Royal Dutch Shell 3.9 million
Pemex 3.6 million
Chevron 3.5 million
Kuwait Petroleum Corp. 3.2 million
Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. 2.9 million
Sonatrach 2.7 million
Total 2.7 million
Petrobras 2.6 million
Rosneft 2.6 million
Iraqi Oil Ministry 2.3 million
Qatar Petroleum 2.3 million
Lukoil 2.2 million
Eni 2.2 million
Statoil 2.1 million
ConocoPhillips 2 million
Petroleos de Venezuela 1.9 million
Sinopec 1.6 million
Nigerian National Petroleum 1.4 million
Petronas 1.4 million