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tp_step_failure while updating spam

Updated May 18, 2018

While updating the spam version to 36 in crm 700, its throughing the below message. I checked tp tool, consistency check, everything seems fine.
any idea what may casue this problem, as my spam is struck in import_proper phase of Prologue.
The installation was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase  
  IMPORT_PROPER, which the Add-On Installation Tool is unable to resolve
  without your input.          
  After you have corrected the cause of the error, continue with the  
  import by choosing Continue in the queue display.    
  The following details help you to analyze the problem:    
      -   Error in phase: IMPORT_PROPER        
      -   Reason for error: TP_STEP_FAILURE        
      -   Return code: 0008          
      -   Error message: OCS Package ALL, tp step "6", return code 0008  
  Notes on phase IMPORT_PROPER        
   In this phase the system imports the Repository objects and the table  
   entries. The following are reasons why this phase may fail:    
   o   TP_INTERFACE_FAILURE: The tp interface could not be called.  
   o   TP_FAILURE: The tp program could not be executed. For more  
       information on this, see the SLOG or ALOG log file.    
   o   TP_STEP_FAILURE: A tp step could not be executed. To find the cause
       of the error, see the appropriate log, such as the import log.  
       If a tp step 6, N, or S is specified in the termination message, it  
       is a step that is independent of the transport request. You can vie  
       these logs in the log overview by choosing Import Steps Not Specifi  
       to Transport Request.          
   Alternatively, see the logs in the following files in the log    
   subdirectory of your transport directory (usually /usr/sap/trans/log):  
        -   tp step 6: P<YY><MM><DD>.<SID>        
        -   tp step N: N<YY><MM><DD>.<SID>        
        -   tp step S: DS<YY><MM><DD>.<SID>        
    To display these files, use the report RSPUTPRT or transaction AL11.  
    The Add-On Installation Tool requires that the Change and Transport  
    System (CTS) be configured correctly. For more detailed information,  
    read the online documentation available from Help -> SAP Library ->  
    mySAP Technology Components -> SAP Web Application Server -> BC Change
    and Transport System .          
    A list of the most important SAP Notes for Online Correction Support  
    (OCS) is available in SAP Note 97620, which is updated regularly.


  • 20 Nov 2009 7:11 pm Guest
    I am seeing similar error and I come here for help. I am shocked no one has answered this question. I was recently introduced to SAP Basis so I can't help. But I am sure someone out there can help answer question. Thanks.
  • 24 Feb 2010 9:36 am mayank seth
    hi there first thing is that u checked the log file slog or alog in c:usrsap rans.based on that u looked for the solution i believe if you are using sql database checked the size of datafile and log files.