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What is transaction code in SAP

Updated May 28, 2018

Transaction Code Definition & Use in SAP

Each function in the SAP system has a transaction code associated with it. A transaction code consists of letters, numbers, or both. You use a transaction code to go to any task in a SAP application faster. By entering a transaction code instead of using the menu, you go to a task and start the function in a single step.

In SAP, you can use transaction codes as a shortcut or alternative to using the navigation path to get to a system task. Type /n followed by the transaction code and press the Enter/Return key.

For example, instead of following the navigation path User Menu >> Role ZMIT>> Purchasing >> Requisitions >>Create a Requisition from the SAP User Menu screen, you can type /nme51 in the Command field of any screen. In either case, the "Create: Purchase Requisition: Initial Screen" is displayed. SAP provides a T-code for nearly every transaction. The alphanumeric codes themselves vary in length but do not exceed 20 characters. Most are generally fewer than six or seven characters, in fact. 

SAP provides you with the capability to create your own transaction codes to augment those that already exist. Such custom T-codes start with the character Y or Z. 

Using a Transaction Code

1. Place the cursor in the Command field. (The Command field is located in the Toolbar, see Getting Started: SAP Screens.)

2. Type /n to end the current task, followed by the transaction code.

For example, to start creating a requisition type /nme51.

3. Press the Enter/Return key.

Result: The "Create: Purchase Requisition: Initial Screen" is displayed.

Listed below are the commands used in combination with the transaction codes.

Command + Trans Code Description
/n + Transaction code End current system task and go to new system task
/o + Transaction code Create a new session and go to new system task without closing prior session
/o List open sessions
/i or /nend Log off

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