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Transport imported but changes not reflected in the target system


I imported a request into target system. But changes not reflected in the system. Import is success though. No entry in system logs or no dumps. How do I continue?




  • 14 Nov 2008 4:37 am Ajmera Helpful Answer
    Hi Dan ,
    you first check your recording option at tcode scc4
    whether it is CHANGE WITH AUTOMETIC RECORDING or not if not the choose this option ,if yes the go to tcode
    STMS there you choose your source server then you select your reuest then click on REQUEST menu there you will get IMPORT option click on this . auto meticaly popup screen will come there you have to unchecked the option LEAVE TRANSPORT REQUEST IN QUEUE LATER IMPORT under option tab and select the terget client .then Enter option.
    Ajmera Khatun
  • 18 Nov 2008 9:57 pm Guest
    Still doesn't work. There are other transports running fine.
  • 19 Nov 2008 4:33 am Guest
    can u give me ur gmail id then i can add you ,so i can understand what is your exect problem .

  • 30 Apr 2014 9:08 am Aditya Asati

    same issue I have imported transport request from development server to Quality Server but changes are not reflected in quality Server.

    my gmail id is